Flexible and comfortable seating solutions

Next to our sofa-bed mechanisms and bedding systems we offer a range of recliner mechanisms. For each design, manual release, push on the arms solutions or motorised functions for a sofa or chair design. The recliner range spans from wood to the floor, metal to the floor up to lounge recliner actions.  A wide choice of wired or built-in controllers to activate your recliner of choice. For each type of recliner mechanisms we offer the perfect actuator and necessary wiring.
Our range Semlax is the acronym from : Sedac-Meral-Relax.

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Relaxing Recliner Systems

  • Wood to the floor: Recliner mechanisms “wood to the floor” points to the built of the mechanism. The recliner mechanism is built in the wooden box of the sofa or chair. Depending on your design you can use high leg or low leg recliner actions, manual or motorised. Look at our other sections for a headrest or lumbar support and many other features to add to your recliner design.

  • Metal to the floor: Recliner mechanisms “ metal to the floor” points to the way the mechanism is built in to the sofa or chair. Metal to the floor means that the mechanism is supported by its own and the upholstery built around it. In some designs the whole sofa moves along the recline position. Models are all low leg. In our other sections you can find interesting addons as headrest options and lumbar support.

  • Lift recliner: Lift recliner mechanisms are “metal to the floor” actions which helps the user to get up out of his comfortable chair. A range of power recliners with lift for various uses and user weights. Single or double actuators mechanisms for independent recline and backrest positions are available. Zero gravity and tilt in space gives the user more seat comfort in relax position.
  • Lounge: You are looking for a slick modern design. Our lounge range offers a motion furniture mechanisms that is specifically engineerd to offer a modular solution. Various components can be combined to complete a finished chair or seat with recliner mechanism, headrest, armrest and more. Many of these mechanisms are available in manual and power options, and feature styling perfect for contemporary high-leg seating.