Europe’s leading manufacturer

of metal mechanisms for sofa & convertible beds

Sedac-Meral is the result of the merger of Sedac and Meral in 1988. The group has become the European leader in the manufacturing of sofabed actions and bed mechanisms.

Thanks to 50 years of experience in supplying the sofabed industry, Sedac-Meral enjoys a strong brand recognition and maintains a reputation for its technical know-how. In fact, the name “Sedac-Meral” nowadays is the reference in the industry of convertible bed systems.

Sedac-Meral has manufacturing plants in Belgium (Sedac-Mecobel), France (Meral), Portugal (IFA)and Bulgaria (Meral BG). Sedac-Meral is present in China through a production under license by the company TSC.

All plants Sedac-Meral benefit from the in-house competence of Sedac-Technics being composed of engineering, design and manufacturing departments and its own Research & Development department which support the continuous improvement of the productivity, innovation and introduction of new


Sedac-Mecobel nv/sa (Headquarters)
I.Z. zuid – Vlamingstraat 7
8560 Wevelgem

SEDAC-MECOBEL is located in Wevelgem – Belgium and manufactures metallic structures converting sofas into beds and vice versa. These products are mainly supplied to the upholstery industry. Thanks to its agents and distributor network, SEDAC-MECOBEL is today present in more than 60 countries.

Meral sa
B.P. 4 – Route de Sarcé
F-72800 Aubigné-Racan

MERAL is located in the west of France, in Aubigné-Racan, and mechanisms for sofa beds, convertible bed systems and pull-out beds which are sold mainly in France. 30% of its turnover is achieved abroad including U.K, Germany, Spain, Poland and to a lesser extent Australia and New Zealand.

With the objective of international expansion and increased proximity of its customers, SEDAC MERAL is developing manufacturing facilities in markets abroad. All these facilities sell products under the SEDAC MERAL brand name.


Located in Portugal and manufactures sofa bed systems. With a capacity of 70 000 mechanisms per year, I.F.A. sells locally to wholesalers and to the upholstery industry. I.F.A. covers the local market as well as Spain, Italy and North African Countries.

Meral BG

Located in Bulgaria and manufactures sofa bed systems. Our sales represent 60% of the local market. Meral is pursuing its growth by exporting in Romania, Greece, Turkey and Ex-Yugoslavian countries.


Our production unit in Tianchang which produces SEDAC MERAL products under license and distributing in SE Asia, China, Australia and New Zealand.