Product Specs

  • Innovative sofabed action with a single lifting movement, opening from the seat.
  • Sideplate fixation gives a floor clearance up to 8 cm.
  • Base frame with (large) castors at the rear to move the sofa away from the wall before opening.
  • Zero wall variation available, mechanism slides out before lowering the backrest.
  • Thickness of cushions is 12 cm for a good seating and sleeping comfort.
  • Only one frame at the back allows a sleeker design and gives the look of a regular sofa.

Product Features

Eazybed flanks or base frame

163,5 cm162 cm155 cm
148,5 cm147 cm140 cm
128,5 cm127 cm120 cm
88,5 cm87 cm80 cm

Eazybed 0-wall

169,5 cm168 cm155 cm165,5 cm
154,5cm153 cm140 cm150,5 cm
134,5 cm133 cm120 cm130,5 cm
94,5 cm93 cm80 cm90,5 cm

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